oh hello! i'm ashley [and that's my dashing husband in the photo with me]... and i'm so happy you stopped by! a little about me... i've been illustrating and writing for as long as i can remember. i've always had a love for art, probably because i grew up in a home where art flourished - my dad was and is an amazing potter, who would always have sketches of new ideas lying around and i remember being so mesmerized by them. i wanted to do the same thing. looking back, i realize i wouldn't be where i am today if it weren't for their constant support - whether that was buying my art supplies or displaying my creation proudly on the fridge. i'm so thankful for their investment in me. 

i guess it's no surprise that i would go on to meet and marry a handsome musician / artist... who has continued to pour into me - encouraging, inspiring and challenging me in art and life. he has helped me through my darkest moments, and rejoiced with me on the mountaintops. he is constant and gentle. his love for me and people exemplifies the love of Christ like no other person i know. he's an absolute gem and i can't believe i get to do life with him!

....thorn + sparrow....

i knew i didn't want this to be titled with my own name or strictly represent my work [since i love to write + curate pretty things as well] - so i wanted it to be different + something that meant a lot to me. i wanted it to serve as a daily reminder that everything i do is a gift from God, and it's all for Him.
long story short, i gathered two words that essentially represented life in two aspects: the inevitable struggle + promised victory...

and so, thorn + sparrow encompasses my work while journaling life's inspirations + adventures.

.... my other loves....

i'm a Christ following francophile with a penchant for art supplies, country living, city visits, lattes, good books [preferably written by c.s. lewis], small gatherings, big adventures, and bunnies.

in spring of 2012, we pulled up our california roots, drove 22 hours in 2 days with our pet rabbit, archimedes, + planted ourselves in dreamy northwest montana, where we currently live in the coziest, tiniest little house that we love so much.

[photo by the oh-so-talented abby carlson]